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numerical simulation and parameters analysis for roll

numerical simulation and parameters analysis for roll

numerical simulation and parameters analysis for roll

Numerical Simulation of the Ship Roll Damping

Then the simulations about different roll amplitudes are carried out based on the selected parameters. For the free rolling, the free decay experiments and numerical simulations are performed. These calculated results are agreed well with experimental data, which validate the presented method can yield satisfactory results for roll damping coefficients. (PDF) SIMULATION ANALYSIS OF FOUR-PASS SHAPE ROLL Many researchers of the cold roll forming process have investigated computer-aided design or numerical simulation of the cold roll forming process in order to manufacture products while increasing the productivity and maintaining the accuracy of the resulting products [Kiuch et al (1986); Onoda et al (1989); Duggal (1996)].

Control Rod Drop Hydrodynamic Analysis Based on Numerical

Through numerical simulation, it is calculated that the falling time of the control rod in the fast insertion section is 490 ms, the buffer time is 165 ms, and the maximum speed of the control rod is 2.16 m/s. Table 3 compares these key parameters in the experimental and numerical simulation results. Considering the difference between the JMSE Free Full-Text A Comparison of Numerical F 4 = 1 2 a F 4 a [ cos ( t + F 4) + cos ( 3 t + F 4)] (9) This equation shows that a vessel sailing in waves with an encounter frequency of twice the roll natural frequency experiences an excitation in the roll natural frequency and in a frequency of three times the roll natural frequency. Method Of Numerical Simulation Calculation Parameters Quick determination method of numerical simulation calculation parameters for rock tunnels based on field data. 3. Development and application of an intelligent rock tunnel numerical simulation decision-making system . 1. Establish a numerical simulation decision theory method based on the characteristics of the tunnel rock mass. 2.

Numerical Analysis of Force and Power Parameters in Cold

During cold ring rolling process, the accurate prediction and analysis of force and power parameters, including roll force (RF) and roll moment (RM), is important in selecting, designing and developing the forming rolls and cold ring rolling mills. In this paper, a three-dimensional elastic-plastic dynamic explicit FE model of cold ring rolling process has been presented and validated in terms Numerical Simulation and Parameter Design of Strip CONCLUSION Based on the elastoplastic theory, the inuence of rolling parameters on the 301L strip atness is studied by numerical simulation of cold rolling. The simulation results are compared with the experiment results to verify the validity of the simulation. Numerical Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis of Download Citation Numerical Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis of Parameters for Multistand Roll Forming of Channel Section With Outer Edge Cold roll forming is a high production but complex

Numerical simulation and metal flow analysis of hot

process parameters and die structure [17]. In the past, numerical simulations of aluminum profile extrusion have been limited to relatively simple solid rods and strips or axisymmetric tubes and low extrusion ratios, and the analysis of complex hollow profiles has not much been presented so far. Moreover, the simulations of Numerical simulation and stability analysis for the Jan 01, 2021 · Numerical simulation and stability analysis for the fractional-order dynamics of COVID-19. in this paper show that the solution varies continuously depending on fractional derivatives and on the values of parameters. From numerical and stability discussion, it can be seen that, at a time t, the fractional-order corona virus model depends on Numerical simulation of Sewol ferry capsize - Yonghwan Parameter sensitivity studies of the simulation variables are conducted in order to understand the relationship between the simulation variables and the simulation results. Three variables are selected for the parameter studies:the weight of cargo and its distribution (the variations of loading condition), the maximum steering angle to the starboard, the amount of moving cargo, and the current speed.

Numerical simulation of a fishing vessel in parametric

A time-domain numerical simulation method is applied for the investigation of the parametric roll resonance of a fishing vessel sailing in regular head waves. The employed mathematical model captures rationally most of relevant problem parameters hence enables an improved understanding of the complicated non-linear phenomenon. The dynamic behavior of the vessel has been systematically Numerical simulation of the influence of fuel temperature Aug 16, 2019 · Meanwhile, spray simulation results were compared with experimental results to validate the reliability of the numerical simulation models. Afterward, the effects of different injection parameters, such as injection pressure, nozzle hole lengthdiameter ratio, and fuel temperature on the STP, SMD, injection velocity, and concentration Roll Forming Simulation With Abaqus'Numerical Simulation and Parameters Analysis for Roll June 18th, 2018 - Circle to square roll forming process of martensitic steel MS980 was studied A 3D elastic plastic roll forming finite element model was established with ABAQUS and the influence of material and process parameters was investigated' 'ABAQUS USERS ROLLFORMING SIMULATION

Sensitivity in numerical analysis of parametric roll

Jul 15, 2013 · In irregular waves, a systematic study is carried out using the impulse-response-function method for the parametric roll of two container ships, with particular focus on the observation of the sensitivity of computational results to some parameters that can affect the analysis. The parameters considered are the discretization of the wave spectrum, the phase of the wave component, the simulation time window, and the metacentric height (GM). Based on the results of parametric roll simulation Sensitivity in numerical analysis of parametric rollThis study considers a numerical simulation of parametric roll, which causes serious safety issues for ships. The numerical simulation is carried out in regular waves and irregular waves for two container ships. In regular waves, parametric roll motion is simulated using two different time-domain methods:the impulse-response-function method and the 3D Rankine panel method. Three-Dimensional Finite Element Numerical Simulation Solid-state processing of metal material is a very complex physical and chemical process, which is coupled by a series of variations including heat transfer, momentum transfer, mass transfer, and phase change. Applying three-dimensional (3D) finite element numerical method to the simulation of solid-state processing can perform analysis of metal material’s forging processes before

Numerical Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis of

Jan 01, 2009 · Issue 1 Numerical Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis of Parameters for Multistand Roll Forming 35 Table 2 Summary of analysis parameters Material Isotropic, elastoplastic, and work hardened Q450 strip Thickness 12 mm L Flat strip length 6 000 mm W Width 1 150 mm v\ Linear velocity 20 m/s M* Friction coefficient 0.2 3 Results Fig. 3 shows the

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